Painted Light Photography

Black and White by Light

Black and white, color, double exposure, and other photography play. By Lydia Davison Whitcomb.


The Stone House is a luxury resort. It has been registered in the National Register of Historic Places. Many green technologies have been incorporated—the heating and cooling systems rely on geothermal technology.


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The Stone House Inn is an historic property located hidden in coastal Rhode Island.


The four-story stone home was constructed in 1854 by David Sisson, an iron and textile manufacturer, and was home also to his son Henry Tillinghast Sisson, a Civil War hero and Lt. Governor of Rhode Island (1875–77). The house became an inn in the early 20th century; in its basement is an old tap room rumored to have been a speakeasy during Prohibition. The inn gradually decayed but it was revived starting in 1959, first by the Rawson family and then by the Moores, who remodeled it along with its massive 1880 barn to serve for social functions..